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We steam the only way to clean

Our Process

Our tried and tested process means amazing results every time. Don't put up with stained or tired-looking carpets any longer – you deserve a fresh looking home environment!

1. Moving Furniture
When we say we do a thorough clean, we are not just talking about carpet pile! We will move what furniture we can and then work around the furniture that is too heavy or difficult to move. We move the furniture to one side while we clean and then replace when the carpet and tiles have been cleaned. This way you can be sure we have paid attention to every last inch!

2. Vacuuming
We pre-vacuum if required, however this is not usually needed as the steam cleaning process removes dirt and particles from the carpet pile.

3. Spray Treatment
We lightly pre-spray the carpeted area with a mild detergent to decrease moisture resistance, just like pre-spraying laundry before a wash. This helps to remove any oily or sticky residue in the carpet pile that "traps" dirt and stains and gives the carpet a deeper clean.

4. Free Spot Stain Removal
You can be sure that after 30 years of service in this industry Budget Carpet Cleaning uses the most effective stain removal treatments on the market. Plus, all stain removal treatments are free of charge. If we can't move them no one can!

5. Steam Cleaning
Using adjustable pressure steam cleaning means we evaluate your carpet pile depth and adjust accordingly to give a deeper, more thorough clean. Using fresh water steam also rinses carpets of all chemicals used (such as the pre-spray treatment), leaving a safe environment for your children and pets.

Why do we choose to steam clean?
We're often asked about the difference between steam and dry cleaning carpets and upholstery. As illustrated in the image above, the results speak for themselves – not only the day the job is done, but for a long time after!

First of all, steam cleaning penetrates deep into the fibres or pile of the carpet to thoroughly clean dirt, dust mites, and other allergen-inducing particles out. It is often recommended by carpet manufacturers as the preferred method of cleaning due to a more thorough clean and carpets that stay clean for longer. We only use powerful 'Truck-Mounted' carpet cleaners that remove more dirt and dry your carpets more quickly.

  • Safe for people with allergies
  • No residue left in the carpets
  • More thorough clean than vacuuming or dry cleaning
  • Recommended by carpet manufacturers


See the true difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning!

Difference between steam and other cleaning
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